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  1. 1 pounds Navy Beans,dried

  2. 6 cups Water

  3. 4 cups Beef Broth

  4. 1 Carrot, chopped

  5. 1 Celery Stalk, chopped

  6. 4 Thick slices of bacon,diced

  7. 2 Onions, chopped

  8. 1 teaspoon Salt

  9. 1/2 teaspoon Pepper

  10. 1/2 teaspoon Thyme or sage

  11. 6 Frankfurter Sausages,sliced

  12. 2 tablespoons Parsley, chopped

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  1. Soak beans overnight. In a 3-quart soup pot bring beans, water and beef broth to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer an hour. Add carrot and celery and continue cooking for 30 minutes. In a separate pan cook the bacon until almost done. Add the onions; cook until golden. Set aside. Mash soup through a sieve or use a food mill. Return the puree to the pot, add the bacon onion mixture and seasonings. Reheat. Add the Frankfurters and cook about 5 min. Serve and garnish each bowl with parsley. Optional: You can also add garlic and red pepper [but it wouldn't be German any more!] or substitute diced cooked smoked hocks or ham for the bacon. Or cook the carrot and celery separately and add them to the soup after it has been pureed , so that it has some texture. Posted by Jim Weller. Submitted By JIM WELLER On 10-20-95


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