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  1. 2 pounds Amberjack filets

  2. 2 cups Milk

  3. teaspoon Thyme

  4. teaspoon Basil

  5. 1 teaspoon Blackened redfish

  6. Seasoning

  7. Black sesame oil

  8. Malt vinegar

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  1. Place milk in a glass bowl... add seasonings, rinse filets in water.

  2. Marinate/soak the filets overnight with enough milk mixture to cover.

  3. Remove filets from milk, pat dry on paper towels, discard milk mixture. Brush fish filets with sesame oil to keep from sticking to grill, and cook over charcoal (or gas) until meat begins to flake...

  4. use a fish basket if available, to aid in turning fish. Baste with sesame oil each time the meat is turned to add flavor and prevent sticking. As the fish cooks, sprinkle on malt vinegar. Cook fish, turning and basting with oil and vinegar. Turn about twice on each side. to keep moist. As with most fish, when it flakes easily, it's ready for the plate ! :) ++_++

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