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  1. 2 large crabs (about 500 grammes each)

  2. 3 cm ginger (finely julienned)

  3. 1 bulb garlic (chopped finely)

  4. as much spring onions as you like (cut into 5 cm lengths)

  5. 300 ml hot water

  6. 3 tablespoons palm / peanut oil

  7. Seasoning

  8. Salt to taste

  9. 2 teaspoons chinese cooking wine

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  1. Heat oil in wok and saute ginger and garlic till aromatic. Add crabs and stir fry for 1 minute on high heat. Add water, stir well and cover lid, stirring occasionally.

  2. Cook until crabs turn bright red in colour and flesh turn white. Stir in spring onions, salt to taste and cooking wine prior to serving.


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