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  1. Ingredient Name Unit Quantity

  2. dry fruits

  3. cup 1 lemon juice

  4. number

  5. 1 Mango pulp

  6. cup 3 milk curdled

  7. ml 3ltr

  8. sugar

  9. cup 3

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  1. I made this sweet with curdled milk, you can curdeled the milk by adding lemon juice.

  2. Take 3ltrs of milk in a bowl bring to boil then add lemon juice once milk curdled switch of the flame.Remove all excess water and keep it a side.

  3. In a pan add sugar,mango pulp mix well and add curdeled milk mix well again. keep mixing for 10 mins then add cashewnuts cook till ghee oozes out that when your kalakanis ready.

  4. Take a pan or cake dish grease with Ghee and pour this mixture, keep it a side for 1hr and cut into pieces.


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