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  2. cumin

  3. pinch 1 milk

  4. ml 1000 mint

  5. pinch 1 mualin cloth

  6. piece 1 pepper

  7. pinch 1 vinegar or lemon juice

  8. ml 30

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  1. Pour the milk into the pan.

  2. Bring the milk to a gentle simmer. .

  3. start to slowly stir in the lemon juice or vinegar, about a tablespoonful at a time. The milk will begin to curdle. This is "curds and whey".

  4. drain off the whey, keeping the curds.

  5. Dump the curds out onto the cloth (it will be messy), wrap them up, and squeeze the cloth to get the whey out.

  6. Fold the curds up in the cloth, , then balance the big pot, full of cold water, on top cut after resting it for a hour and is ready to cook


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