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  1. For the stock:

  2. a good grated of nutmeg For the stock:

  3. 1 big carrot,

  4. 2 onions,

  5. 2 cellery sticks,

  6. 6 small tomatoes,

  7. half a chicken

  8. a nice piece of beef muscle,

  9. water to cover

  10. some rock salt

  11. For the passatelli:

  12. 120gr of parmigiano reggiano

  13. 120gr of fine bread crumbs

  14. 3 eggs

  15. salt and pepper

  16. a good grated of nutmeg

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  1. first of all I have prepared the best stock in the world. I simply put in my pressure cooker a big carrot, 2 onions, 2 cellery sticks, 6 small tomatoes, half a chicken and a nice piece of beef muscle, water to cover and some rock salt and cook for 3o min or untill the meat is noce and tender.

  2. when the meat is cooked i put some of the stock in a sauce pan and bring to the boil and prepare my passatelli. Passatelli are a sort of home made pasta but enriched with parmigiano reggiano.

  3. mix together in a bowl 120gr of parmigiano reggiano 120gr of fine bread crumbs 3 eggs salt and pepper and a good grated of nutmeg form a ball and using one of the tools you see in the picture squeeze the dough(best results will come usin a ricer). straight into the boiling stock and cook just for a couple of minutes. remember to cook them straight away, if they dry before cooking them they will dissolve in the stock.

  4. After you had your passatelli you can also have some of the "lesso" (the meat) you have cooked, chicken and beef can be eaten as they are or you can accompain them with your favourite sauce such as mayonnaise or mustard. Enjoy!


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