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  1. 8 ounces lemongrass, topped and tailed

  2. 8 ounces palm sugar

  3. 4 ounces fresh ginger

  4. 4 pieces Thai chile, stems removed

  5. 6 cloves garlic , crushed

  6. 1 tablespoon turmeric powder

  7. 2 ounces or 1/4 cup fresh lime juice

  8. 2 ounces or 1/4 cup dark rum

  9. 1 ounce or 2 tablespoons tequila

  10. 1 ounce or 2 tablespoons fish sauce

  11. 4 ounces or 1/2 cup coconut milk

  12. 12 boneless chicken thighs

  13. Sea salt , to taste

  14. Vegetable oil, as needed

  15. Serving suggestions: Peanut sauce, raw red onion slices, and pickles.

  16. Special equipment: Bamboo skewers, that have been soaked in water for 1 hour.

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  1. Remove the bottom and top of the lemongrass and remove a few outer layers. Thinly slice the lemongrass and set aside. Crush the palm sugar into small pieces with the back of a knife or in a mortar and pestle. Peel and slice the ginger into small pieces. Remove the stems from the Thai chiles. Smash the garlic cloves with the back of a knife or mortar and pestle .

  2. In a food processor , combine the lemongrass, palm sugar, ginger, Thai chile , garlic, turmeric powder, lime juice, dark rum , tequila, and fish sauce. Process until the mixture is as smooth as possible. Scrape down the sides of the processor periodically to ensure an even puree. Remove the mixture from the processor and transfer to a bowl. Whisk in the coconut milk, or mix in with a spoon.

  3. Cut the chicken thighs into strips about 1/2-inch wide. Place the chicken in a pan and pour the coconut mixture over the chicken thighs and allow to marinate for at least 24 hours or up to 48 hours in the refrigerator.

  4. Soak the bamboo skewers in cold water for 1 hour before threading. This will prevent the skewer from burning on the grill. Begin threading the chicken and allow for approximately 1 thigh per skewer . If the chicken thighs are big, 1/2 a thigh per skewer will suffice.

  5. Heat a cast iron griddle or grill on medium-high flame. Season the chicken with sea salt on all sides. Put a little vegetable oil on the griddle or grill and also on the chicken.

  6. Cook the chicken satays on the grill while rotating for approximately 12 to 15 minutes. They should be crispy and well colored on all sides. You may need to adjust the heat level as you cook to prevent any burning or sticking.

  7. Serve the chicken satay with the desired dipping sauce and sides. The Chef recommends serving a peanut sauce along with raw red onion slices, and pickles.


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