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  1. 2 lbs 908g / 32oz Boned lamb - (cut from shoulder or leg)

  2. 1 Onion - chopped fine (large)

  3. 2 Garlic cloves - whole (large)

  4. 8 oz 227g Canned tomatoes - - (1 can)

  5. 6 oz 170g Red peppers (large)

  6. (or a 14 ounce can of pimientos)

  7. 3 oz 85g Cured ham - cut in short strips

  8. 2 tablespoons 30ml Olive oil

  9. Salt and pepper - to taste

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  1. If you use fresh peppers, put them to roast in a 350F oven. They should be tender in approximately 45 minutes (which is about when you will need them).

  2. Cut lamb in bite-size pieces and fry in hot olive oil with peeled whole garlic cloves in a casserole. Sprinkle lamb with salt and pepper while frying.

  3. When meat is browned, add ham cut in short strips and onion, chopped fine. When onion is tender, add tomatoes and roasted, seeded peppers (or canned pimiento) cut in strips. Continue frying slowly until lamb is tender. The time will vary according to the tenderness of the meat: allow 40 to 60 minutes.

  4. Add a little water if the meat sticks to the pan, but bear in mind that this is more of a fried dish than a stew and should not be liquid when finished.


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