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  1. Ingredient Name Unit Quantity

  2. chicken

  3. lbs 2 Fengreek Powder

  4. pinch garlic

  5. piece 6-7 lemon

  6. cup 1 mustard powder

  7. tsp 1 oil

  8. to fry

  9. Red Chili powder

  10. cup 1 salt

  11. as per taste

  12. Turermic powder

  13. pinch vinegar

  14. tsp 2 water

  15. boil

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  1. Take chicken cut into small pieces,now take a bowl add water into it let come to boil then add vinegar and chicken into it.

  2. Once it is cooked transfer into a plate.

  3. take oil in a friying pan add the cooked chicken into it Take a bowl add fengreek powder,mustard powder,turermic powder,red chillie,sal,garlic,lemon juice and mix well.

  4. now take pan add oil,cumin seeds,then fried chicken,then spices and mix well,once the pickle coolsdown then transfer it to a jar.


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