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  1. 8 ounces purchased biscotti

  2. 6 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted

  3. 1 - 12 ounce container fresh whole milk ricotta, drained

  4. 2 - 8 ounce packages cream cheese, room temperature

  5. 1 1/2 cups sugar

  6. 4 large eggs

  7. 1 tablespoon grated lemon zest

  8. 1 tablespoon grated orange zest

  9. 1 1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla extract

  10. 1/2 teaspoon almond extract

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  1. Preheat oven to 350°F.

  2. Line the outside of a 9-inch springform pan with 2 3/4-inch high sides with 2 layers heavy-duty foil.

  3. Finely grind biscotti in food processor. Add melted butter and process until the crumbs are moistened. Press crumb mixture over the bottom and 1/4-inch up the sides of the prepared pan.

  4. Bake 10 minutes or until the crust is golden. Cool completely.

  5. Blend ricotta until smooth. Add cream cheese and sugar and blend well, stopping occasionally to scrape down the sides of the bowl. Mix in lemon zest, orange zest, vanilla extract and almond extract. Add eggs, one at a time, and pulse just until blended.

  6. Pour cheese mixture over the crust in the pan. Place the springform pan in a large roasting pan. Pour enough hot water into the roasting pan to come halfway up the sides of the springform pan.

  7. Bake 1 hour or until cheesecake is golden and the center moves slightly when gently shaken. The cake will firm when it is cold.

  8. Crack oven and let cheesecake cool in oven for about an hour.

  9. Pipe whipped cream on top and add strawberries. Refrigerate at least 8 hours. Cut into wedges and serve.


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