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  1. 5 lb Dried Pinto Beans Picked Cleaned , washed and sometimes soaked over night.

  2. My Mom Usually Put Ours On Early & Always Started With Cold Water.

  3. She Brought Them To a Rolling Boil & Dropped a Couple of Ham Hocks In.

  4. She Turned The Burner Down & Simmered Them All Day.

  5. Then She Made Hot Rolls , cinnamon rolls and a big pan of fried potatoes going.

  6. She Always Served Some Sort of Green Leafy Vegetable In Bacon Grease & Hot Sauce or Vinegar.

  7. Chow Chow Was a Favorite.

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  1. It was necessary to make sure they had plenty of water at all times so they wouldn't scorch. Sometime we had a meatloaf or tomatoes and macaroni. Then for dessert she made a German Chocolate Cake from scratch or a couple of pies.

  2. She loved having a garden I don't remember ever seeing a mix in our cupboard. When she started her rolls she started with 10 pounds if flour. Her bean pot was a large pressure cooker that didn't work any more It was very large. She always said if the beans rattle when you put the on the plate they aren't done.


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