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  1. 1 10oz Jar of Maraschiono cherries No stems

  2. 2-160z cans of fruit cocktail ( I just use 1 can)

  3. 1-20oz can of pineapple chunks

  4. 1-16oz bag of Frozen Shredded oung coconut (aka Buko) **

  5. 1-12 oz jar of sugar palm fruit**

  6. 1-can of Jackfruit**

  7. 1-8oz pkg of cream cheese room temp

  8. 1/2 -14 oz can of sweet can of condensed milk

  9. 1 jar of Lychees **

  10. 1 to 2 cups of fresh grapes

  11. 2 apples diced ( I use one green, and one red for color)

  12. 1-8oz tub of whip cream

  13. ** you can find at the Filipino or Asian Store**

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  1. Drain and rinse all fruits and set aside Mix the cream cheese and milk ( blend real well)

  2. add all fruits to the cream cheese, and milk mixture Gently stir all and get all the fruit creamy.

  3. Add the whip cream and mix again untill all is covered.

  4. Let chill and serve. ( I will put it in the freezer over night)


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