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  1. for Tomato Fish Chowder Recipe

  2. 3 slices salt pork

  3. 6 small Irish potatoes

  4. 4 small onions

  5. 2 lbs fish (cod or haddock)

  6. 1 qt can tomatoes

  7. Salt and pepper

  8. Water

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  1. Cut pork into dice and fry until crisp and brown.

  2. Place the cut potatoes into a pot and add half of onion, cut fine.

  3. Lay the pieces of fresh fish in the pot and put rest of onion over it.

  4. Season well and pour over just enough water to cover fish Pour over, the can of tomatoes and cover closely.

  5. Cook until potatoes are done.

  6. Add to this two quarts of milk and let it scald well.


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